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Sponsor a bird box

One of our key areas of work at the Chiltern Society is to protect and enhance the unique biodiversity of the Chilterns. With the acquisition of half a dozen additional sites, the opportunities for us to make an impact on protecting local wildlife have increased considerably.

With this in mind, one of our objectives over the winter is to buy and install bird boxes at a number of our new sites. Not only will these boxes help to increase nesting opportunities, they will also allow us to monitor bird populations more accurately and manage the habitats.

We are asking for your help to achieve the above

For a donation of £25 you can sponsor your very own bird box at the site of your choice. In return for your donation, once your box has been installed, you’ll receive a pack including:

  • a photograph of your bird box in situ and it’s unique identification number
  • a map showing its location in case you’d like to go and have a look
  • information about which birds are likely to nest there
  • an invitation to a chick ringing session so you can see the birds for yourselves and learn about how we monitor the population.

Chiltern Society Bird Box location map

Sponsorship form

You can either choose to sponsor a box on a site where installations have already taken place, or on a site where installations are being planned for the next nesting season.

To sponsor a bird box – for yourself, or as a gift for someone else – please call us on 01494 771250, or simply choose a location from the list below and click the button…

If you'd like to sponsor more than one box at your chosen location, you can change the quantity on the next page which loads. If you'd like a box (or boxes) at more than one location, please come back to this page after clicking the button (the next page includes a link to bring you back here).

The Chiltern Society helps protect 650 square miles of England, which includes London's closest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.