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Rights of Way Group

Welcome to the The Rights of Way Group home page in this web site. To learn more about the things mentioned below, see 'Links' at the bottom of this page.

The Rights of Way Group (ROWG) represents the Chiltern Society’s interest in all matters relating to enjoyment of public rights of way and access in the Chilterns, particularly by walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

Whilst taking account of other considerations, the ROWG uses its influence to promote developments likely to extend or improve the existing network of rights of way and access, and to resist or amend those likely to harm it. In addition, its Area Secretaries and Path Representatives assist local Highway Authorities by regularly monitoring and reporting the condition of rights of way and by helping to maintain them. Chiltern Way Officers also take special responsibility for the condition and waymarking of the Chiltern Way and its extensions.

The two groups of Path Maintenance Volunteers (PMV), PMV Central and PMV South, play an important role in supplementing the resources available for maintenance to the authorities in those areas.

The ROWG promotes wider benefit from rights of way and access through its walks and cycling programmes and by creating and publishing its own series of maps designed specifically for walkers. A notable specific success was the Society’s Millennium Project, the creation of the Chiltern Way. The Group makes a major contribution to the Donate-a-Gate project.

Pressures on the countryside are great. The 200 or so volunteers, who are active in the ROWG, play their part in ensuring that the Chilterns remain a source of delight.

A leaflet About the ROWG describes in more detail the opportunities it offers volunteers.



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The Rights of Way Group helps in keeping all kinds of rights of way open and safe.