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North Chilterns Chalk Partnership

New volunteering opportunities

Without conservation volunteers, many Chiltern sites, some of unique and precious character, might not survive.

Several organisations have joined forces to promote the sharing of information about volunteering opportunities in the North Chilterns; this group is the North Chilterns Chalk Partnership. The North Chilterns Chalk Partnership was formed in 2012 and aims to:

Current members of the Partnership include

  • Natural England
  • National Trust
  • Northants, Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire Wildlife Trust
  • Hertfordshire & Middlesex Wildlife Trust
  • Chiltern Society
  • Green Infrastructure Consortium
  • Chilterns Conservation Board
  • Central Beds Council
  • Luton Borough Council

The Chiltern Society would like to contribute more to the protection of the North Chilterns. As part of this aim, it is hoped to create and develop a Chiltern Society conservation group in Central Bedfordshire. The goal is to identify a leader, recruit a team of keen volunteers and offer the services of the team to local organisations and authorities, including other members of the North Chilterns Chalk Partnership.

Whether it is for a new Chiltern Society conservation group in the area or one of the other organisations in the North Chilterns Chalk Partnership, Chiltern Society members wanting to help can access information on any listed opportunities through the shared North Chilterns Partnership website here.

Anyone interested in contributing a bit of spare time to a new Chiltern Society conservation group or the important Rights of Way Group (ROWG) activity for the North Chilterns (or any other aspect of volunteering for the Chiltern Society) should have an informal chat with the Society's Volunteer Co-ordinator, Geoff Wiggett, on 01442 875906 or email him .

The reintroduction of red kites in the Chilterns is perhaps the most well known project with which we've been involved.

We continue to be a vital help in a wide variety of conservation schemes in the region.