Ewelme Watercress Beds & Nature Reserve The Chiltern Society


Like the plants at Ewleme Watercress Beds & Local Nature reserve, there is a diverse population of animal life at the beds too.

Perhaps the most prominent indicator for the beds of a healthy and rich food chain is the water vole. Once extinct over much of the country, the species has made a strong recovery at Ewelme and now flourishes in and around the watercress beds.

Too many to list here, all the major groups of animals are represented, with highlights including: water rail, little owl, whitethroat, frogs, grass snakes, marbled white and Essex skipper butterflies, elephant hawk moths, dragonflies, damsel flies and water boatmen, and other mammals, like foxes, deer, field mice and bats may also be seen.

A informative blog, including photographs and descriptions of animal sightings in Ewelme (and Benson), is compiled by BenEweTom here on blogspot.com