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The Black Hedge

The Risborough Charter of AD 903 copies an earlier document outlining a Saxon Estate – one of the oldest recorded in England.

That estate has more or less survived as the modern parish of Monks Risborough.

The 14 mile long boundary was marked by ‘blacan hegcean’ – Black Hedge, stretches of which still remain, including bordering the lower slopes of Brush Hill.

The picture, looking west from Windsor Hill, shows a small part of Black Hedge. The part of the hedge which can be seen above continues, away from Windsor Hill, through to Brush Hill and beyond.

About Brush Hill

Close to Monks Risborough in Buckinghamshire, Brush Hill Local Nature Reserve lies on the Chiltern escarpment right next to the historically important site of Whiteleaf Hill.

Whiteleaf CrossWith its chalk cross and neolithic barrow, Whiteleaf Hill joins Brush Hill LNR and a number of other important sites close by to demonstrate the rich and varied habitats and history that can be found in the area.

This 30 acre (12 hectare) Reserve was opened in 1997 with funding from LEO Pharmaceuticals and Orange Communications, and with the support of English Nature and Butterfly Conservation.

Reserved for everybody

Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) are designed to be of importance for wildlife, geology, education and public enjoyment. To find out more about them, visit the LNR pages in Natural England's website.

Brush Hill Local Nature Reserve was managed for the local community by Wycombe District Council Woodland Service and the Risborough Countryside Group until 2013 when management was handed over to the Chiltern Society.

The Chiltern Society now carries out conservation work and organises other events linked to the reserve. New volunteers are always very welcome.