Bottom Wood The Chiltern Society

Managing Bottom Wood

A long term management plan for Bottom Wood was devised by John Morris of Chiltern Woodlands Project for the Chiltern Society in 2010 and has been agreed with by the Forestry Commission under their English Woodland Grant Scheme.

The Forestry Commission have given consent for a programme of thinning and selective felling, and pay grants to help implement this. The main aim is to manage and maintain this wood as a nature reserve and to welcome visitors.

The plan is to coppice and thin small areas in order to create a mosaic of structural diversity through the wood. This will increase the variety of species present, particularly those found in ancient woods. Some standing and fallen dead wood will be retained – where it is safe to do so – as this is an important part of the woodland habitat.

One of our tasks is to grow good quality broadleaved timber and to show that this is compatible with our other aims. The wood is also used for educational purposes.