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They say pictures are worth a thousand words, which is why we've included some here.

The Bottom Wood ancient woodland and nature reserve gallery is divided into three sections: Views, Flora and Fauna. We hope to be able to include more pictures in the future.


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Bottom Wood Nature Reserve signToothillToothillRemains of sawpitCut timberFootpath near ToothillWoodsHazel hedgeToothill benchBottom WoodAutumnWoodsWinter hedgeToothill frost


BluebellsYellow archangelSpotted orchid's leavesWhite helleborineWayfaring treeLooking for orchidsPyramidal orchidToothill bee orchidCommon spotted orchidOxeye daisiesA bracket fungusA bracket fungusA mushroomBrown Cup


White admiralCommaDormouseDormouse nestboxSquirrel damage