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Summary of Society responses

Below are the planning applications and the responses given by the Planning Group.

They are mainly applications of a more significant or contentious nature. For further details, information can be found at the local planning websites by using planning reference numbers or application addresses from the information below.

Planning Reports

South Oxon – Click to show/hide.

South Oxon planning report, 25 October 2012

Applications: P11/W 2357 & P11/W 2358/LB South Oxon

Former Carmel College Mongewell Park Mongewell Oxon OX10 8BU

Redevelopment to provide 166 residential dwellings (C3), refurbishment of Grade II and Grade listed buildings including provision of a restaurant community cafe and swimming pool and retention of boating facilities and associated landscaping, access and parking arrangements.

CS comment
Objected to on the basis of scale, proximity to important archaeological site and AONB.

Peter Fleming.

Aylesbury Vale and North Chilterns – Click to show hide.

Aylesbury Vale and North Chilterns report

March-August 2012

Generally. Not much activity but a few significant applications recorded.

AVDC are currently working within their South East Plan policy framework. In the meantime the Council is preparing a new planning policy document – The Vale of Aylesbury Plan (VAP) – CS was invited to comment on their proposed policies for Affordable Housing, which went to consultation from mid August to mid September 2012 and we have done this.

Major issues

Arla Foods, College Road North, Aston Clinton. (alongside A41 by-pass)
Following approval by AVDC to Arla’s four separate applications construction is now well advanced on their Mega Dairy complex of 930,000 sq ft (86,300 sq m), of buildings 11/00962/APP. No work has started on the remaining three sites covered by applications 11/00963/AOP, 11/00964/AOP, 11/00965/AOP.

Marsworth. 10/01336/APP. Residential redevelopment of the British Waterways yard at the junction of the Grand Union and Aylesbury Arm canals with 13 new houses, a refurbished historic Carpenters Workshop and improved boating facilities.
Planning approval granted April 2012.

Other issues

Ivinghoe Marina. 12/00482/AOP. An application for an extension of time on the outline planning consent 08/00658/AOP for a 100 berth marina.
Extension of time application granted June 2012.

The White Lion P.H., Marsworth 12/01191/APP Application for a development of 6 terrace houses fronting the Grand Union Canal on the car park and garden at the rear of the pub, which is in the Conservation Area. The pub is now closed and the building deteriorating badly. We objected to the application and said that any further proposals for the site must include plans for the future of the existing pub building.
Planning permission refused Sept 2012.

17 High Street, Ivinghoe. 12/00474/APP. Objections lodged to a change of use of a
vacant shop to an Indian Food kitchen in the Ivinghoe Conservation Area.
Planning permission refused June 2012.

Land off Stablebridge Road, Aston Clinton. 12/01490/AOP. We have objected to this application for residential development of 48 dwellings on a strategic “greenfield” site opposite Green Park and alongside the Wendover Arm Canal.
Decision pending.

Brook House, 2 Tring Road, Wendover. 12/00023/APP. At last, a sensible proposal for this eyesore in the centre of Wendover. The scheme includes the rebuilding and restoration of the listed Brook House plus one new house in the garden. We supported this application but suggested the location of the new house be re-examined due to its close proximity to listed buildings at the rear of the site.
Listed building Consent granted August 2012.
Decision on Planning deferred.

Wind turbines. The developer, RES, of the possible wind farm at Wingrave / Hulcott, has decided not to proceed with the proposed scheme, one probable reason being the high level of local opposition.

An application (12/01806/APP) has just been made for a single 101.5 m high 3 blade wind turbine on a site at Ford, which was previously reported as a proposal for two wind turbines. Details to be investigated before deciding whether or not to object.
Decision pending.

Other major issues of note

Hampden Fields, Weston Turville 12/00605/AOP. Whilst just outside the CS area this massive development proposal of 3,200 homes plus other retail, community and hotel buildings could have a detrimental effect on the setting of the Chiltern Hills. It is on “greenfield” land not designated for development and will destroy the strategic green gap between Aylesbury and Weston Turville.
Situation to be monitored.
Decision pending.

Mixed use development – Fleet Marston. 10/01504/AOP. This planning application was basically an urban extension to Aylesbury along the A41 from the new developments at Berryfields towards Waddesdon. It included 2,745 homes, 30,000 sq m of employment, 3,050 sq m of retail, plus community and school buildings. AVDC took nearly 2 years to consider this application before making a decision.
Outline Planning Permission Refused.
Appeal lodged.

Central Bedfordshire D.C.

John Miles and I attended a public exhibition by Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) on their latest proposed Development Strategy. We expressed serious concern in writing on their proposals for the area North of Luton stretching up to Sundon and also the arc of proposed development North and West of Houghton Regis. The main underlying factor in both cases was the wholesale removal of land from the Green Belt [George Osborne note] as well as other development proposals, one being the rail freight interchange close to the new J11A on the M1 as well as others affecting land in the Chilterns AONB and the Chiltern Hills.

Major Issues

North West Dunstable. CB/09/06431. We objected to this planning application for 650 homes and associated infrastructure etc, close to and overlooking Maiden Bower. Central Beds DC have refused permission.
No appeal lodged

Bushwood Development Proposal, Luton. The outline plans for a comprehensive mixed development on land on the edge of the AONB west of Luton and the M1, between Caddington and Slip End are being run as a trial of ‘neighbourhood planning’ under the Localism Bill. No planning application lodged – being monitored.

Luton Airport
Following my last report on the “political” issue between the owners and the operator, both parties have now got together and are jointly framing proposals for “expansion” and improvements at Luton Airport. As we understand it these include potential passenger growth (from 10m to18m per annum), improvements to passenger/baggage handling, new roads for better access/egress to the airport and extra taxiways to get planes in and out quicker. We believe Luton BC (the owner) has agreed to cancel the break clause at 2014 in the operator’s lease, and extend the term beyond 2028 to 2035 on the basis these improvements etc are pursued and implemented.

We have been told that there are no plans at present for a second runway and, that if the maximum passenger numbers are ever reached, it would incur a less than 50% increase in flights. In view of the latest government hiatus over Runway 3 at Heathrow the situation at Luton will need to be closely watched.
No planning application lodged – situation to be monitored.

Other issues

Junction 10A of M1. John Miles and I went to see Luton BCs proposals for changes to J10A which were on public inspection. Basically this removes the existing J10A roundabout and converts J10A into a grade-separated interchange with motorway traffic flowing under London Road A1081 onto a three lane Airport Way. These works could be linked into the proposals for Luton Airport mentioned above.

Charles Firth.
06 .09.12

Wycombe – Click to show/hide.

Wycombe Planning Team activity report

April-August 2012

Updating previously-reported application:

11/07819/FUL for a dwelling to the rear of 146 Kingsmead Road, High Wycombe, which would infringe a former railway line safeguarded as future foot / cycleway and part of emerging Green Infrastructure network, was refused at appeal. This is one of a number of applications testing this policy, so it is pleasing that a line can be held.

11/07938/FUL for a winery building and tractor store on Land adjacent to Capel Cillia, Pump Lane North, Little Marlow was withdrawn after we and others had objected on grounds of bulk and visual prominence. A new application for a smaller building has now been submitted following some consultation with locals.

A retrospective application for the erection of a stark 1.8m close-boarded in the Green Belt and AONB after removal of a visually-important hedge (12/05239/FUL at the former Studley Arms, Water End Road, Studley Green) was permitted, but only on condition that a replacement hedge was planted in front. So far, this has not happened.

The County-processed application (Bucks reference CC11/9003/CM) for a Waste Transfer Station at High Heavens Household Waste Site, High Wycombe, was approved with slightly tightened conditions on HGV routeing. An application for an alternative access track cutting across a field (Bucks reference CC12/9002/CM) was refused. Following the refusal of the proposals for a second Waste Transfer Station in either Chiltern or South Bucks Districts, there are growing fears that attempts will be made to bring all waste from the south of the county destined for the incinerator through High Heavens to be bulked up. The overall strategy for a single large-scale incinerator for the whole of Bucks arguably looks more dubious at every turn.

The increase in sales floorspace and range of goods sold at John Lewis, Holmers Farm Way , High Wycombe (11/07554/VCDN) was allowed with only the “standard” S106 transport contribution, missing the opportunity to enhance public transport in this key area of change.

New applications

In the same area of town, Wycombe District Council submitted an outline application for a new sports and leisure centre; coachway / park-and-ride; up to 34,791sqm of offices; a 150 bed hotel; a food store of up to 3,600sqm gross external floorspace; and an amenities building, at the current Wycombe Sports Centre site, Marlow Hill, High Wycombe (12/06261/R4OUT).

A replacement sports centre is a Council priority. Coachway is a slimmed-down version of what was a Regional transport project. Ancillary development is mainly to raise the necessary funds. There is an extant permission; new elements this time are foodstore and amenities building. Submitted comments as follows:
a properly planned and delivered public transport network was an essential prerequisite for this out-of-centre development, but little evidence of measures necessary to secure this;
justification for a foodhall is tenuous at best;
vegetated roofs should be used to compensate for major loss of open space.
Pending decision.

The above is premised on relocation of current outdoor sports facilities to other sites. We did not comment on an application to relocate all weather pitches across the road to John Hampden Grammar School. An application submitted within the last month (12/06884/R9FUL) to relocate the athletics track to Westhorpe Farm, Little Marlow (part of the Little Marlow Gravel Pits site where a now-ageing SPD exists supporting the creation of a Country Park), is likely to prove more contentious. We are considering what our position should be.

An application by Next plc for a large retail store on the current Wycombe park-and-ride site at Cressex Island (12/05827/FUL) was objected to until / unless appropriate relocation of park-and-ride could be guaranteed, and ways found to retain the additional journey opportunities in this area provided by the current service. We did however express support for some of the design.
Pending decision.

We objected to an additional accommodation block for The Chequers hotel, Kiln Lane, Bourne End (12/06607/FUL) which we judged to be even more dominant and intrusive in views across the fields than a previously refused application in 2011. Pending decision.

We also objected to major refurbishment and extension works to The Fox Country Hotel, Ibstone Road, Ibstone (12/06487/FUL) because of the inadequate parking provision meaning that cars would inevitably spill out onto the adjacent rural road and the common opposite. We did though support the physical changes to the building which were sensitively done. An amendment to the parking layout has subsequently been submitted which goes some way to addressing our concerns.
Pending decision.

Both the above involved a careful weighing of the adverse impacts against support for the motives of the applicants in securing the viability of their businesses, cognisant of the pressures facing public houses and the rapid rate of closure. Much more clear-cut was the decision to object to 12/06341/FUL for a campsite with associated change of use of farm building to toilet block (part retrospective) at Brimmers Farm, near to the Kop Hill climb site in the AONB just outside Princes Risborough.

The application followed on from an enforcement enquiry due gradually escalating unauthorised camping activity, brought to our attention and that of the local authority by a nearby resident. Located in a hollow, the site is readily visible from several directions, and due to the topography, effective screening is not feasible.
Pending decision.

An application for a substantial extension in a very modern style to Speen Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, Speen (12/05770/FUL and 12/05770/LBC) aroused considerable local feeling. After consultation with HBLG, we objected due to the design and materials being unsympathetic to the original building and to its setting; its excessive scale; and a failure to work with the local community.
The application was subsequently withdrawn.

We also objected to an application to demolish the former Post Office Building, 11 Bell Street, Princes Risborough, and erect 12 Flats (12/06003/FUL). This is a building identified as an important one within the Conservation Area, and a candidate for local listing, yet the applicant described it as functional and ugly.
The application has been refused because of the loss of the building, but also on a lack of amenity space and landscaping.

Wycombe District Council has been dealing with a string of travellers applications on small Green Belt or AONB sites that they have bought. A familiar pattern of rapid refusal then appeal ensues. Two appeals are to be heard concurrently for two sites owned by the same family, since ability to stay on one affects need to occupy the other. We do not always comment, but we did in relation to The Nursery, 128 Heath End Road, Flackwell Heath (12/06273/FUL) which is a former plant nursery site, where we argued that this was inappropriate development in Green Belt, and the existing classification as agricultural or horticultural use should continue. This is one of the two sites being appealed.

Other applications include ones in Bradenham, and the Kimbles / Marsh area. Sooner or later, the Council is going to have to bite the bullet and identify some sites to meet need.

Other issues and updates:

None of the above sites are of anything like the scale of the unauthorised invasion of
Hemley Hill, near Saunderton, more than 3 years ago. The site has still not been vacated, with the latest attempt to resist eviction via a judicial review failing, but thought now turning to the European Court and human rights angles.

Another party loathe to give up are the developers owning the Park Mill Farm site at Princes Risborough. The most recent application (10/07225/OUTEA) for 400 houses plus commercial / shops on this greenfield site which in the past had been designated as a safeguarded site for future housing, was refused at appeal, but the decision is now being challenged in the High Court.

The long-running attempt by the Town and District Councils to purchase the former Molins Sports Field, Mill Lane, Monks Risborough, and convert it to a public park appears to be at an end due to the resolute refusal of the owners to enter negotiations.

Back in High Wycombe, the attempts to set up a Neighbourhood Forum under the Localism Act by the Daws Hill Residents Association have reached fruition, but at the last minute Wycombe District Council decided to restrict the designated Neighbourhood Area to just the existing residential area, and exclude the adjacent major development sites of former RAF Daws Hill and the Sports Centre. Since the wish to exert influence on these developments was one of the drivers for embarking on the Neighbourhood Plan adventure, this naturally did not go down well with the proposers, and there are differing legal opinions on whether the (terribly vague) legislation allows a Council to make such changes. In the meantime, back in the tried-and-trusted parallel world of pre-application consultations and Draft Development Briefs, plus an extra forum for local residents set up by the Council, input from residents and others (including the Society) seems to have led to a much more satisfactory Development Brief for the Daws Hill site, with more trees retained and a more spacious feel. A planning application is expected in November.

Finally, I have been recently contacted by a resident of Fawley protesting about the prominent Bucks CC signs proclaiming their multi-million pound investment in roads maintenance, many of which signs are in semi-rural and AONB locations. His enquiry to Wycombe District Council Planning Enforcement, seems to indicate that the County are employing the “road sign exemption” to evade the need to seek advertisement planning consent. I would be interested to know if other Coordinators have fought this battle.

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Applications pending

Application number and district Site address Brief description of development Summary of CS comments Decision of local authority Appeal decision if applicable
3 Rivers  11/1235 Stubbs Farm, Green St
Demolition of existing, build six detached dwellings No comment Pending  
10/01336/APP – Aylesbury Vale Marsworth Residential development Comments submitted seeking amendments to overcome various local issues Decision pending  
CH/2010/0976/FA Newland Park, Gorelands Lane, Chalfont St Giles Redevelopment of site to provide 326 new dwellings, etc. Application proposals subject to several major revisions Conditional support Not yet determined  
CH/2011/2026/FA National Society For Epilepsy Chesham Lane Chalfont St Peter Redevelopment of part of site to provide Care Community (Use Class C2) comprising 82 units of accommodation and associated landscaping Concern about access off Chesham Lane Pending Consideration  
CH/2011/60005/BCC BCC Highways Depot. London Road East, Amersham Proposed waste transfer station (part of wider Bucks CC waste strategy) Concern about access off London Road Pending Consideration  
Dacorum  4/2338/11 Kitcheners Field, Berkhamsted Resurfacing of sports field with astroturf Objection to materials as inappropriate Pending  
P11/E2146 – South Oxfordshire Eatonsfield Shaw Farm, Britwell Hill, OX49 5HD Siting of permanent agricultural dwelling Objected on grounds that it would be an isolated dwelling, of no architectural merit and not in keeping with visual character of the area.    
P11/E1250/0 – South Oxfordshire Land at Behoes Lane, Woodcote Outline application for 115 dwellings No comments made    
CC12/9002/CM – Wycombe High Heavens Household Waste Site, High Wycombe. Alternative access arrangement, submitted by operator of existing facilities. Objected: impact on AONB and GB just as bad as approved scheme (CC11/9003/CM). Awaiting decision.  
12/05239/FUL – Wycombe Former Studley Arms, Water End Road, Studley Green. Removal of hedge, erection of 1.8m close-boarded fence, 5-bar gate and piers to car-park In AONB and GB, long stretch of hedge which (still) extends past school. Important visual contribution. Several neighbour objections. Objected. Awaiting decision.  
11/07799/FUL – Wycombe Low Grounds Farm, Harleyford Lane, Marlow. Change of use from agricultural land to use for practicing polo. Objected due traffic impacts on bridleway which would be used as access.
Application withdrawn.
11/07938/FUL – Wycombe Land adjacent to Capel Cillia, Pump Lane North, Little Marlow Winery building and tractor store Objected due unnecessarily prominent location, in view of great size and bulk.
Application withdrawn.
11/07699/ADV – Wycombe Sainsburys Local at 27 High Street, Marlow New illuminated fascia and sign on existing frontage. In conservation area. In liaison with Marlow Society objected due to colour-scheme. Amended plans received, but these do not seem to fully address objection.    
11/07485/FUL – Wycombe Chiltern Brewery, Terrick Extensions to building and car-park, widening of access   Awaiting decision.  
11/07554/VCDN – Wycombe John Lewis, Holmers Farm Way, High Wycombe Increase in sales floorspace, but no external alterations. (One of many imminent developments in the area around Handy Cross). Submitted ideas for the design of an enhanced park-and-ride service.   Awaiting decision  
11/07124/FUL – Wycombe The Needham Bowl, Desborough Road, High Wycombe Demolition of former factory building, construction of 76 flats, creation of new footpath In conservation area. Height of blocks overbearing in relation to adjacent heritage building, design not sympathetic. Objected on those grounds. Amended plans recently submitted, not yet studied.    
11/06837/FUL – Wycombe District Valentine Farm Shogmoor Lane Skirmett Demolition of existing agricultural and equestrian buildings, erection of private equestrian development Objected on grounds of size and design given its location within the AONB and close to the village of Skirmett Applicant withdrew application  
09/05790/FUL Wycombe District Hemley Hill, near Saunderton. Development to form Travellers' site (retrospective) Objection on grounds of Green Belt and AONB Refused. Application for judicial review made. Appeal dismissed
11/07124/FUL – Wycombe DC The Needham Bowl, Desborough Road & Leigh Street, High Wycombe. Demolition of former factory; construction of 76 flats. Objections raised re design and height. Awaiting decision  
11/07554/VCDN – Wycombe DC John Lewis, Holmers Farm Way, High Wycombe. Variation of condition to allow increase in sales floorspace and range of goods sold Comments submitted with ideas for integrated public transport enhancements, associated with other potential developments in this area. Awaiting decision  
11/07485/FUL – Wycombe DC The Chiltern Brewery, Nash Lee Lane, Terrick. Extensions to building and car-park, widening of access. Supported principle of expansion of this successful local business; requested modifications to landscaping. Awaiting decision  
11/07627/FUL – Wycombe DC St Mary Magdalene Church, Hampden Road, Great Hampden. Detached timber outbuilding for use as wheelchair accessible toilet and store. Supported in principle but requesting extra screening. Awaiting decision  
11/00315/OP – Wycombe DC Hedsor Towers, Harvest Hill, Hedsor. Non-compliance of condition requiring retention of earth bank for screening. Supported enforcement action requiring reinstatement. Awaiting decision  
11/07938/FUL – Wycombe DC Land adjacent to Capel Cillia, Pump Lane North, Little Marlow. Winery building and tractor store. Objection due unnecessarily prominent siting. Awaiting decision  
11/07799/FUL – Wycombe DC Low Grounds Farm, Harleyford Lane, Marlow. Change of use from agricultural land to use for practicing polo. Objection due to traffic impact on bridleway. Awaiting decision  

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Applications approved (includes partial and conditional)

Application number and district Site address Brief description of development Summary of CS comments Decision of local authority Appeal decision if applicable
11/00962/APP – Aylesbury Vale Arla Foods, College Road North, Aston Clinton Mega Dairy complex of 930,000 sq ft (86,300 sq m), of buildings Strongest objection Approved with conditions and legal agreement  
11/00963/AOP – Aylesbury Vale Arla Foods, College Road North, Aston Clinton 250,000 sq ft (23,225 sq m) of B8 Distribution Centre Strongest objection Approved with conditions and legal agreement  
11/00964/AOP – Aylesbury Vale Arla Foods, College Road North, Aston Clinton a) 240,000 sq ft (22,300 sq m) of B1, B2, B8 Industrial uses. Strongest objection Approved with conditions and legal agreement  
11/00965/AOP – Aylesbury Vale Arla Foods, College Road North, Aston Clinton a) 450,000 sq ft (41,800 sq m) of B2, B8 development. Strongest objection Approved with conditions and legal agreement  
CH/2010/0293/OA The Grange (Former Holy Cross Convent) Gold Hill East Chalfont St Peter Redevelopment of site to provide 198 new dwellings, etc. Application proposals subject to several major revisions (Holy Cross Sisters Trustees Incorporated scheme)   Conditional permission Appeal in progress
CH/2011/1224/FA 71 – 79 and 99 Waterside Chesham Change of use from Use Class B2 general industrial to Use Class D1 integrated health centre Conditional support Conditional permission  
CH/2011/0684/FA Hill Farm Lane Ind Est, Hill Farm Lane, Chalfont St Giles Redevelopment of industrial estate to provide three detached bungalows Conditional support Conditional permission  
CH/2011/1324/SA – Chiltern Ashfield Cottage, Swan Lane, St Leonards Extentions/alterations to dwelling (CLD) Opposed on Green Belt and AONB grounds Part-refused/ part-allowed  
CH/2011/1535/FA – Chiltern Land at Greenacres, Earl Howe Road, Holmer Green Use of land to provide permanent quarters for 16 showmans' familiies No comment, in light of core strategy decision Approved  
 CH/2011/60006/BCC Meadhams Farm Brickworks Blackwell Hall Lane Ley Hill Proposed variation of approved phasing scheme and extension of time by variation of conditions – previous conditions not adhered to or enforced Concern that footpath diversion to permit quarry extract not reinstated No Objections  
 CH/2011/60006/BCC Meadhams Farm Brickworks Blackwell Hall Lane Ley Hill Proposed variation of approved phasing scheme and extension of time by variation of conditions – previous conditions not adhered to or enforced Concern that footpath diversion to permit quarry extract not reinstated No Objections  
Dacorum  4/1451/11 Cruck Barn, Pipers Hill,
Gt Gaddesden
Replace porch,add new
carriage house
Objection to size
and position
Dacorum  4/056/12 Gooseacre, Buckwood Rd
Demolition and build 5 bed detached dwelling Objection to
escalation of an
original proposal
4/0852/11 – Dacorum Moonpenny Meadows, Wigginton Agricultural building Objection raised on AONB grounds Approved  
4/1173/11 – Dacorum Land at Hicks Road, Markyate Redevelopment of 5-acre business park, 75 dwellings, class B1, B2, B8 business uses, health centre, public square Supported Approved  
4/1250/11 – Dacorum Balshaw Heath, Bullbeggars Lane, Potten End Redevelopment of small business park as holiday to let dwellings Objections raised Approved  
4/0116/11/MFA – Dacorum RAF Chenies Development of detached house with numerous buildings inc gatehouse and garage Opposed on Green Belt and proximity to AONB boundary grounds Approved  
N Herts  1102861 Gatehouse, Pirton Grange,
Refurbishment of listed building Supported Granted  
11/07627/FUL – Wycombe St Mary Magdalene Church, Hampden Road, Great Hampden Detached timber outbuilding for use as wheelchair accessible toilet and store. Submitted comments requesting extra screening, especially to protect key view from south. Approved.  
CC11/9003/CM – Wycombe District High Heavens Household Waste Site, High Wycombe. Waste transfer station to bulk up waste for onward transport to proposed incinerator. Objected: excessive traffic generation, etc. Approved with conditions. See new application CC12/9002/CM  
11/06497/FUL Wycombe District Lower Court Farm, Marlow Road, Lane End. Retention of existing hardstanding to access storage building with associated change of use from agricultural to storage Objected on grounds of visual impact on AONB. Approved with conditions  

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Applications refused (includes partial)

Application number and district Site address Brief description of development Summary of CS comments Decision of local authority Appeal decision if applicable
10/01647/APP – Aylesbury Vale Princess Mary Hospital, Wendover Additional 10 flats and 12 houses Objections raised Refused Dismissed
CB/09/06431 – Central Beds North West Dunstable 650 homes and associated infrastructure Objections raised Refused  
CH/2011/1324/SA – Chiltern Ashfield Cottage, Swan Lane, St Leonards Extentions/alterations to dwelling (CLD) Opposed on Green Belt and AONB grounds Part-refused/ part-allowed  
CH/2011/0930/FA Land adjacent to Misbourne Farm, Chalfont St Giles Travelling Showpeople's Quarters (park for 13 caravans and associated workspace, etc.) Inappropriate development in Green Belt Refused  
Dacorum 4/1627/11 Gamnell Terrace, Tring Demolition of stable blocks,
Build two detached houses
Objection to
over development
Dacorum  4/2173/11 Horseblock Meadow.

Double garage and 1.8m
Objection as
inappropriate to
rural character
4/1367/11 – Dacorum Bury Oak, Hudnall Common, near Lt Gaddesden Demolition of old stable and rebuild of field shelter and stable block Supported Refused, owing to possible presence of bats  
11/07819/FUL – Wycombe 146 Kingsmead Road, High Wycombe Dwelling to rear. Would infringe former railway line safeguarded as future foot / cycleway and part of emerging Green Infrastructure network. Refused, appeal in progress.  
10/07225/OUTEA Wycombe DC Park Mill Farm, Princes Risborough. 400 houses plus commercial / shops Contrary to existing Local Plan policy on housing numbers and distribution, our site-specific objections relate to its isolation from the main settlement of Pr Risb. Refused Appeal dismissed March 2012.
10/07352/FUL and 11/05302/FUL – Wycombe DC Essex Works, Finings Road, Lane End 4 dwellings Objected on grounds of unjustified loss of heritage asset and overly cramped development for this part of Conservation Area Refused Appeal dismissed
11/05090/FUL Wycombe District Land adjacent Vale Cottage, Bullocks Farm Lane, Wheeler End. New dwelling Objections on Green Belt grounds Refused Appeal dismissed
11/06686/REN Wycombe District Land at Fairacre, central High Wycombe. Erection of 13 dwellings Objection on grounds of undeveloped garden land and impact on wildlife Refused  
11/06144/FUL Wycombe District Hedsor Court Farm, Hedsor Demolition of existing agricultural buildings and erection of house and ancillary structures. Objected on grounds of inappropriate development in Green Belt and Area of Attractive Landscape. Refused  
11/06625/FUL Wycombe District Rear of 149 and 149A Wycombe Lane, Wooburn Green. Pair of semi-detached houses, parking etc. Objected on grounds of sited on former railway track safeguarded for future footpath or cycleway / contravenes policy on development on gardens and over development of site. Refused  
09/05790/FUL Wycombe District Hemley Hill, near Saunderton. Development to form Travellers' site (retrospective) Objection on grounds of Green Belt and AONB Refused. Application for judicial review made. Appeal dismissed