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Planning Guidance Statement
Additional Capacity at Heathrow

The Society opposes the proposal by the Government to further significantly increase the capacity of Heathrow Airport to be able to handle 122 million passengers per year.

These proposals are outlined in the Consultation document. The main features include a third runway sited north of the A4, and a further terminal (6).

The reasons for this opposition is the conviction that such a development would have a very serious negative environmental impact on the Chilterns and severely reduce the attractiveness and character of the area. The main areas of concern include the following:

• Increase in road traffic from passengers, staff and services.

• Increased pressure for housing for staff and services.

• Increased pressure on the greenbelt.

• Higher levels of noise and air pollution.

• Interaction of additional air movements around Heathrow on Luton Air movements.

TST 16.01.08
Approved by EC 31.01.08


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The Chiltern Society Planning Group monitors all parishes in the Chilterns.