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Planning Guidance Statement
Country Roads

The objective of this policy is to highlight factors which would contribute to making rural roads, ie minor and unclassified roads, safe and attractive to all who use them for the purpose of enjoying the Chilterns.



1. Traffic speeds on these roads should be limited to 40 mph, and in villages to 30 mph. A limit of 20 mph should be considered for roads narrower than 4 metres.

2. Speed limits should be indicated by painted roundels on the road surface, in addition to any other statutory requirements which should be kept to a minimum.

3. Consideration should be given to adopting the Continental system of village name and a speed sign at the entrance and exit of each village to act as a warning of the need for additional care.

4. Effective and appropriate traffic calming devices such as pinch points and cushions should be used where excessive speed is a problem. In villages, speed indicator devices (SIDs) are useful alternatives.



5. Road surfaces in need of renewal should be replaced with low noise covering where possible.

6. The use of street lights should be avoided, unless they are essential for safety, eg at busy intersections. Wherever possible low columns and appropriate luminaries should be used to eliminate the upward scatter of light.

7. The use of upright kerbs and road edge markings should be avoided. If edge support is necessary then bevel edge kerbs should be used.



8. Hedges should be regularly maintained so as not to obscure sight lines, signage or pedestrian paths.

9. Verges should be regularly maintained for safe use by pedestrians and horse riders.



10. Un-metalled country roads should be forbidden to unauthorised motorised traffic; country lanes likely to be used illegally by vehicles should employ barriers to make them safe for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.


General provision

11. Provision of strategically located car parking lay-bys is desirable for the full use and enjoyment of the countryside. These should be signposted and screened from the road if possible.

12. Appropriate passing spaces should be provided.

13. Direction signs should indicate adjacent villages rather than more distant locations. Signs should be kept clean and not obscured by trees and hedges.

STG 17.10.03
Rev: GP 12.5.08
A pproved Convenor's meeting 13.06.08


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The Chiltern Society Planning Group monitors all parishes in the Chilterns.